Front of The Revolutionaries

The age-old spirit of the young; the flow of new ideas- the want to change the world. Most enter life head-strong, filled with questions, and are not yet well acquainted with the defeatism and cynicism to come. So what changes? What happens between teens and the middle age years? What happens in a human being to make them stop before they even try. What makes us shoot down ideas before they take off; become limited to safety-zones and comfort-zones? What makes adults turn into accepters of ‘that’s just the way things are’, instead of reacting enough to want to change things?

Ending world hunger, curing diseases, improvement of the educational system, a just and fair system of law, good parenting, equal opportunities, the helping of the poor, the end of racism, elimination or hate and war, with peace and good will to men. It has all begun to sound a bit like the naive dream of those who forgot to attend history classes.

The Revolutionaries follows the journey of 7 young students, fresh out of high school, entering the idea-challenging world of University. Their minds are about to be opened up to the world of literature, history, philosophy, religion. They know all too well the problems of fatigued church members, poor leadership, bureaucracy and a lack of legacy. But despite their many differences,  a singe idea is about to unite them.  A life-changing idea. But the question is: Will it be possible for change to take place before the bitter taste of defeat and ‘knowing better’ brings them down to earth?

One day seven invitations are sent out. It doesn’t state who it’s from, nor does it explain the reason for its summoning. It simply invites them to meet in the library at midnight. Thus begins the meetings of ‘The Round Table’: a gathering of those who haven’t yet learnt to obey the laws of impossibility. And their dream to change their world begins.

The Revolutionaries– re-telling the  story of those who have in the past moved the world, and placing it in the hands of seven students. What will happen will be nothing less than a revolution.

Available for purchase at 8 pounds.

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