Lady Lazarus


Lady Lazarus

Here’s to I and what lays past

The paleness of the death I swallowed

For I walked much like a ghost

Nothing cherished, nothing hallowed

Formless days and endless nights

Passed my apathetic screen

I was known all over town

As the woman void of dreams

I was known too well in town

As that one without a shadow

Nothing more than mists of grey

Followed me in trails of sorrow


My two eyes could not remember

The sweet light of joy’s highness

And the children cried out, pointing,

‘There goes Lady Lazarus!’

I must laugh when I consider

What I once named ‘life’ and ‘warmth’

For it seems my blood was iron

And my rest a bed of thorns

When I wrapped myself in pleasures

Poison seemed to line the firs

Of the things I sought for comfort

Smiles were underpaid actors

I had stooped to gaping graves

Strength lay dormant six feet under

Till the day I heard a voice

Smashing deadly tombs asunder

Black as ink my darkness was

The pool disturbed by calling voice

I knew it, though a stranger to me

“Come forth, Lady Lazarus!”

Drawn forth by a will beyond

What I knew myself to carry

I arose and moved in rhythm

To the heartbeat of his beauty

Into daylight, swallowed whole

By the eyes of he who called me

Awestruck by mere suggestion

That my hope had come to find me

Like a child I wept and breathed

As though they were my first inhalings

And my fears were laid to rest

There behind me, with my failings

To this day I cannot render

Speech that might depict the hopeless

Love I feel for He who whispered

“Come forth, Lady Lazarus.”


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