Monthly Archives: March 2011

Worth its weight in Gold


There comes a time where words they find their end,

And any utterance would be a pointless flail.

For consonants and vowels in their trend

Are only audible in Major scales.

When Minor chords are strung across this room

And pain predicts and dictates every move,

How foolish would it be if we presume,

That words can travel miles across this plain,

Which separates our safe and comfort zones

From those who are inhabitants of Pain.

And if you visit Hell to greet its slaves,

Or hope to dab the brow of agonised,

Remember to leave empty words in graves.

For in this land your folly is despised.

No currency of acting sympathy

Will buy you, here, a single thankful word

T’is better if you simply didn’t speak

Admitting to the ignorance you slurred.

Pretension is an empty alibi

That only serves as glitter on the wounds

Of those whose anguish you would loud decry.

And yet, see, as you stab them in their tombs

With all the ignorance you think is care

Oh glory! If you now could see yourself

Drowning others in concern and air.

You hurry to the bedside of a soul

A soldier and a patient of the war.

Your wasted entertainment takes its toll

A Nurse is needed, not emotion’s Whore.

In Jester’s suit you chant the lines so well

And thus begins the chatter of the Con,

As you describe his broken heart and bones

As keenly as if his wound were your own.

Your selfishness would serve a better cause

If left locked under key upon your shelf

Deep down you simply hate that silent pause,

When mourning robs the glory from your Self.

What have you come to do then, Charlatan?

If affirmation is all you desire

Then find and train another Parrot-friend

Who doesn’t mind your empty words or lies.

I hope one day you find yourself as well

Captured by the enemies of joy.

Then you will finally have a story worth to tell

Of how much silence earns its weight in gold.