Can I impart what I have not

And wrap a present I’ve not bought?

Or hand a gift to open hands

And teach what I can’t understand?

Can I preach fire and brimstone:

Declare the blood-loss from my wounds,

Of scars my skin has never known,

On things my heart would never choose?

How often do we mimic things-

The truths that we refuse to eat,

And fill ourselves with lighter food,

As though attending Heaven’s feast?

Can I impart what I have not,

and love with love I have not owned?

And minister to broken souls

with prayers that I have feared to groan?

Oh Father! In your mercy deep

Please hear my prayers and pleading.

More than the line: “Protect me”

please be the hand that’s leading

For how can I lay healing hands

On pain I cannot fathom?

And how can I wave high your flag

If untuned to your anthem?

Please, let me dare to feel the light

That I most need and most despise!

To love and be loved in return:

That sun that stings and burns my eyes,

So I impart what Heaven cries

“Love and be loved!” Thus goes the tune.

The Song that will myself consume.


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