C Major


Spun together in the dark

Knit together in the night

Without a vote; without a voice

So, here you are, it’s your first step

You’re human and you don’t know it yet

Here’s a story waiting to be told



But the pages you write

The lines that you live

Nobody’s read them yet

The battle’s you’ll fight

The moments of light

But God is no stranger

to your life in C Major


You’ll be struggling from the start

You’ll break your bones and break your heart

The mess will seem to have no rhyme or reason

But look up at the midnight stars

The wonders found inside of us

Don’t let some empty

lies commit you treason


The pages he wrote

The life that he holds

The Maker’s speaking between your lines

So read them again

They’ll scream like the wind

God is no stranger

God is no stranger

To your life in C Major


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